Drs Henry & Viola Coe Home, 1907

Nothing remains of the magnificent home of Drs. Henry and Viola Coe, built on the northwest corner of NW 25th & Lovejoy. He owned and operated the Morningside Hospital and was very active in business and politics. He commissioned and donated four statues that still stand in Portland, most notably the golden Joan of Arc in Laurelhurst. Dr. Viola Coe was “was an ardent worker for woman suffrage” according to her 1943 Oregon Journal obituary. She was acting president of the Equal Suffrage Association when Oregon women achieved the right to vote in 1912, substituting for an ill Abigail Scott Duniway. Thanks to Ed Teague at University of Oregon Libraries for the suggestion.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

10 thoughts on “Drs Henry & Viola Coe Home, 1907

  1. Looks like the property taxes went up nearly 20K in the 10 years from 2000-2010. A few more hefty jumps and they’ll be knocking this building over in favor of something 10-20 stories high!

  2. It’s a shame that house is gone. While doing research on Dr. Coe & his golden Joan of Arc statue I ran across a bunch of articles about the Dr. & Dr. Coes’ scandalously ugly divorce. They overspent on that house–they spent something like $30K on it when most nice houses were $10K–and they were suing each other. It read like a soap opera.

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