Stephens Substation, c1930

Stephens Substation was part of the complex of six buildings that made up the Portland General Electric Company Station “L” Group. Station “L” was donated to Oregon Museum of Science and Industry in 1986. Still retained by PGE as an active distribution substation, Stephens Substation stands across SE Water Ave from OMSI’s planetarium.

(Library of Congress)

10 thoughts on “Stephens Substation, c1930

  1. What year was this building built? I’m surprised to see it looking so decrepit in 1930. Beautiful windows!

  2. It was also the source of Station L Rowing Club’s name. I believe PGE allowed them to use the land for boat storage when they first got started. They’ve moved around over the years, but are once again back near Station L.

  3. That is so sad looking!
    Ian, I kind of want to go see if I can tell with a closer look. I hope they didn’t take them out, though from what I know of that kind of construction, getting them out would have been difficult. Easier not to.

  4. I would not say “decrepit”, Thats just unpainted concrete and showing alot of patches where the concrete did not completely fill into the wooden forms.
    Possible its still under construction, Or given its basic industrial purpose was not wanted the expense to be painted.

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