Oregon National Guard Armory, 1953

Sixty years ago the Oregon National Guard Armory building occupied a full block in the heart of Portland’s Industrial Northwest district, surrounded by breweries, auto and truck supply and repair businesses, transfer and storage warehouses and other blue-collar industries. Today the building covers only the north half of the block; it’s now a theater and is surrounded by posh condos with restaurants and shops that cater to the Pearl District’s residents and visitors. This view looks northwest at NW 10th at Couch.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

16 thoughts on “Oregon National Guard Armory, 1953

  1. Besides old Portland Wrestling several professional boxing events were held in ” The Armory “. As a 10 year old I met Jack Dempsey here, shook his huge hands and got his autograph ( since lost !!!). He was refereeing wrestling matches at that time, mainly as a publicity gambit.

  2. That tower is on the building Hanna Andersson occupies.
    I Never worked in that building, But think its the headframe / hoistworks of their freight elevator.
    At the time of this photo, I believe an automotive parts business operated there.

  3. On second thought, That tower is fairly tall for merely elevator machines, It possibly housed a water reservoir also??

  4. As I recall, Henry Wienhard tore down the south half of the building for parking for the beer trucks, and got an architecture award for keeping the remaining half. The bronze plaque was on the 11th Street side, halfway between Couch and Davis. It disappeared with the construction of “The Henry” and the renovation of the Armory as the theater.

  5. Hi Doug Klotz – Klotz was my mom’s maiden name…haven’t ever met one that wasn’t related to me – cheers!

  6. Thx Brian, but what I should have wrote was that is where to find the remaining portion of the building, not actually where the pic was taken.

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