6 thoughts on “NE Broadway & 32nd, 1953

  1. Actually it’s only been a few years since Albina closed down/moved out of that spot.

    The Texaco station in the distance is still a gas station, the large-ish commercial bldg on the SE corner of 33rd is still there (Gordon’s Fireplace shop), and I believe the one-story commercial structure on the North side of Broadway still exists.


  2. I won’t swear to it, but I think the building that Gordons Fireplace Shop occupies was originally a furniture factory, and for some reason Leonetti’s is what I’m thinking

  3. Porter Scarpelli Macaroni was a little farther east at 3510 NE Broadway. See the comments from NE Broadway & 33rd, 1953 at vintageportland.wordpress.com/2011/01/12/ne-broadway-33rd-1953

  4. I was sorry to see them leave. Albina Fuel was the last place in Portland to sell small quanity of coal, (1/2 – 1 ton per year) Very Important to my work…
    The closest place now is Monroe Or. at over 800$ per ton !!
    Anyway,The thrifty scandinavian family owners, Albina moved to Vancouver to escape the unfavorable tax and business situation of being based in Portland. They still serve Portland, they just moved their headquarters and operations.

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