Reservoir #6, Part 1, 1910

Today is the first in a weekly series of looks at Reservoir #6 on the western flank of Mt. Tabor. This view looking southeast shows the beginning stages of excavation and grading in 1910. The photo appears to have caught an explosion in the right distance. Construction of Reservior #5 is underway farther up the hill.

(City of Portland Archives)

Pacific Highway Interstate Bridge, 1917

The Interstate Bridge, connecting Portland with Vancouver, Washington, was a single span carrying two-way traffic when it opened in 1917. A second bridge was added in 1958 and this original span carries northbound traffic now. The new bridge was built with a humpback profile and this old span was upgraded that way too, so this flat profile no longer exists. This 1917 view, which includes the old ferry, looks south from Vancouver.

(City of Portland Archives)

Guild’s Lake Area Floods, 1948

This very detailed aerial view looks down on west side flood waters in the Guild’s Lake area of Northwest Portland during the spring 1948 flood. It also gives a great view of the Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway yards between Front and Yeon Avenues, including the turntable at the bottom. The Kaiser shipbuilding yard on Swan Island is visible in extreme upper right.

(City of Portland Archives)

Grime’s 5 Mile Road House, c1920s

Grime’s 5 Mile Road House in the Montavilla neighborhood at E. 80th and Base Line Road (SE 80th and Stark today) looks like a scene from an Old West movie in this photo circa 1920. The Methodist Episcopal Church (now Montavilla United Methodist) can be seen to the north at Pine Street and a spur of the Montavilla streetcar line came down 80th from Glisan and terminated at Base Line. Thanks again to Bud Holland for this gem.

(Bud Holland)

Jack and Jill’s Elations, c1940s

Jack and Jill’s Tavern (featured yesterday) ran a floor show in the 1940s-50s that apparently featured Las Vegas-style showgirls. “Jack and Jill’s Elations” seems to have changed shows weekly, running such show themes as “Glamour Strut,” “Fifth Avenue,” and “Let ‘er Buck.” Bud Holland, who was kind enough to send this program, says that the club was a hotbed of gambling and corruption at this time. The club was outside the Portland city limits, out of reach of the mayor’s office and police, but the Multnomah County Sheriff’s office had corruption issues of its own.

(Bud Holland)

Jack and Jill’s Tavern, c1940s

Jack and Jill’s Tavern operated from the early 1930s at least into the 1950s at 16321 Base Line Road (SE Stark Street now). The night club offered dinners, music and dancing, and stage plays. It’s the site of a pizza parlor now, whose building is listed on with a 1926 construction date. Probably the same basic building with many improvements over the decades. Thanks to Roxanne for sending this in.

(Roxanne Cummings)