6 thoughts on “NE Sandy and Wasco, 1950

  1. Interesting – I was hoping I’d one day see a photograph of this section of Sandy. If you look just beyond the Buick sign, you’ll see the peak of a white house (with the chimney on the side of the house) in what is now a used car lot. That house was moved in the late 1950’s and is now located on the corner of 42nd and Stark.

  2. Is that Buick sign still there? It is in the link Dave Brunker provided, but it you move closer to it in Street View it changes to a sign for the Timberline Tire Factory.

  3. Yep, the Buick sign is still there, we were forced by GM to cover it after they revoked the dealership during the restructuring a few years back. So we covered it with Tire Factory banners as a quick easy fix. The place is still owned by the Breslin Family they bought what was left of Timberline Dodge who went through the same thing as us and moved it’s equipment and remaining employees up to the old Buick shop and are continuing on as an independent Automotive Repair Garage, Body Shop, Tire Factory and Used Car Lot . If anybody has any more old pictures of the shop, I would personally love to see them please.

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