SE Portland House, 1929 – Help Us Out!

This is another house from the City of Portland Archives at an unidentified location. What’s known is that it was somewhere in Southeast Portland and the photo date is 1929. It appears to be a pretty distinctive triplex so if this is still around, it should be easy to spot, right?

(City of Portland Archives)

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  1. It looks like the lower Belmont area…possibly Hawthorne style of apartment. I’m not familiar with the old street address system which was changed in the 30’s. The sign seems to say ‘something apartments…’. Anyone have a good system for decoding blurry words?

  2. I suspect this was shot on the same trip as the previous 1929 one. If this is under the old address system, 685 would now roughly be 3525 if on an avenue or 1925 if on a street. There’s a shadow on the chimney of the house behind. I’m thinking the left of the picture is north meaning this is an avenue meaning this house is/was off of Rhine/Powell. Unfortunately there’s been a lot of development through that grid line.


  3. Y’know if you had a few more of these, especially if they were identified, we could probably locate the mystery ones better. If this is ‘4’ and the previous one was ’33’, there must be quite a set somewhere.


  4. Agree Brian. I have a feeling it’s not around with all the SE development, but I did see some look-alikes when I took a walk with Google street map.

  5. To my eye, the addresses look like they are 68-1/2, 70-1/2, and 70. Under the old numbering system, if this house was in southeast, it could only have been on the east side of a north-south street, between Oak and Stark. In today’s numbering system, the address would probably be in the 420-430 range.

  6. Hmmmm. On that previous post’s picture, due to the apparent angle of the street, I had speculated it may have previously been on that portion of Sandy Blvd. south of Burnside. Maybe this was, too? That would also put it in proximity of Oak & Stark. Not much there, house-wise, now.

  7. I don’t have time right now, but someone with both time and patience could search old Oregonians for apartments to rent that have the house number “68-1/2”–which is probably fairly rare.

    Then it would be relatively easy to check Sandford maps to see if the footprints of any findings match today’s photo.

  8. Does the sign say, “Manager Apartments For Rent”?

    The house looks unusual — top-heavy and sort of Oriental.

    Is that a narrow balcony at top left?

  9. There’s another, a mirror image, at 1403 SE Salmon. Still not the same basement, though, and a different dormer version.

  10. Many of the city photographs of buildings had a man standing in front holding up a numbered sign. These were pictures of houses to be demolished. Several were for the SE Sandy/7th extension. This address makes sense for that. However, the number was just leaned on the wall, rather than being held by the man in the hat.

  11. The similar houses were built 1905-1910. The corner rooms upstairs have such a unique flair. What style would best discribe this wonderful house.

  12. RE: Doug Klotz August 29, 2012 at 12:14 am


    Sanborn Maps, Portland 1924-1928 vol. 7, 1924, Sheet 714, block 1182 sw quarter of the block (source is available online from Multnomah County Library)

    street addresses: 68, 70, 70 1/2 SE 8th Ave

    Map Keys: 2 story, Flats

    I peg it in the middle of the outbound lanes of Sandy Blvd, 100 feet NE or so from what is now the intersection of SE Stark, SE 8th, and SE Sandy.

  13. my friend lived across the street from this house. it is at se 18th and main street, i believe the address is 1814 se main or 1818 se main. it is a duplex now

  14. Sorry Kelsey, the two houses are very similar, but there are about 20 points of difference between the house you
    cited, and the one pictured here. This was a very generic old Portland style house/ apt, almost as ubiquitous as the
    four-square. Even allowing for the changes to the house due to remodelling over 83 tears; this is not the same house.

  15. It looks a LOT like the house at 1226 SE Madison, built in 1937 (according to It is definitely the same architectural plans as the on in this phot

  16. That is the building where the business — Moonshadow — used to be located. Hawthorne Blvd. This building is still there. I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure I’m right.

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