Greene’s Building, c1955

The 1882 Greene’s Building sat on the northeast corner of SW 1st and Alder Street. The cast-iron-fronted building was almost architecturally identical to the 1881 Ladd Block farther down 1st Avenue at Columbia Street. Greene’s Building was demolished in 1956 to make way for the Morrison Bridge on-ramp.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

5 thoughts on “Greene’s Building, c1955

  1. Vic & Phil Produce Co. Victor A. Folkman pres., Mrs. Myrtle Folkman v-pres Harold Sandburg treas. wholesale meats and poultry 536 SW Front Av. Source, Polk’s 1940 City Directory.

  2. I understand that in order to advance, we need to make way with the old to accommodate the new. I accept that the vibrant city of modern Portland could not be possible in the confines of 19th century infrastructure….but, the loss of so many of our cast-iron commercial buildings for such a short lived purpose (ground level city parking) is a sore spot for me. If we had just saved a dozen more in the Skidmore/Old Town districts, we could today have a historic district that truly represents Portland’s history as a pioneer in Northwestern commerce, instead of acres of asphalt in between a few lucky survivors from a golden age in our cities past. Thanks for todays post, and please continue to share images of these beautiful cast-iron buildings

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