SW 12th & Morrison, 1910

A large crowd gathers to see the Portland Fire Bureau responding to a call at SW 12th & Morrison in 1910. That’s quite a well-dressed crowd; could this be Easter Sunday? The First Presbyterian Church can be seen in the background at right.

(City of Portland Archives)

10 thoughts on “SW 12th & Morrison, 1910

  1. Fascinating photo, Dan. At first I was skeptical that it was the First Presbyterian Church in the background. The steeple looked all wrong until I realized it wasn’t the tower steeple. It is the mini-steeple over the main entrance.

  2. The Google car doesn’t drive on the sidewalk so I can’t get the exact image but this is the general area: http://goo.gl/maps/ghXuk
    Their clothing seems to be more light weight and colored so this probably happened during the warm weather. I like the old timey police officer (who was probably fashionable at the time), people in their motor car and boys in knickerbockers and a man wearing a fedora. Talk about ahead of your time. Interesting that the photographer is up high enough that he could be standing on someone’s shoulders.

  3. Sifton,

    I would say it’s 12th and Morrison looking northwest. I believe the house in the foreground is where the old Danmoore hotel was located (now the location of the church park/parking garage). It looks like the dwelling in this photo may have been to house church personnel. I wonder if that house was the subject of the fire and replaced with the hotel sometime after this photo was snapped.

  4. Really a great photo. “Fire Halts Parade” “Dwelling Burns When Streets Are Crowded With People”, “Yesterday’s afternoon’s Rose Festival parade was blocked” … “Fire broke out at 128 Twelfth street, between Alder and Washington” Morning Oregonian, Monday paper, June 10th, 1910, page 15.

  5. I love the umbrellas blocking these people from the sun. Even back then Oregonians didn’t know what to do with the first showing of the glowing orb in the sky…

  6. “A large crowd of whites gather to see the Portland Fire Bureau responding to a call at SW 12th & Morrison in 1910. That’s quite a well-dressed crowd of white people; could this be Easter Sunday?”


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