Portland from Above Piggot’s Castle, 1907

Portland spreads out below Piggot’s Castle in this nice 1907 bird’s eye view. The 1892 castle still sits on SW Buckingham Drive and is visible up the hill from the foot of SW Broadway looking south. Broadway is seen here on the left.

(City of Portland Archives)

9 thoughts on “Portland from Above Piggot’s Castle, 1907

  1. If I remember, Piggots Castle was for sale about 1981, Asking price was just under 300K !
    Yes, things change as time marches on…

  2. It’s great to see what this section looked like before Lincoln Hall (high school 1912) & Shattuck Hall (Elementary 1914).

  3. It’s also awesome to see how wooded the east side was at this time! Past the shoreline it might as well be a forest! Sweet!

  4. I’ve spent the last month researching the house and Piggott, who is a fascinating, eccentric figure. Was very excited to see this image. It’s better than most I’ve seen at the Historical Society!

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