6 thoughts on “NE 41st & Fremont, 1958

  1. Yes, that house and the Atlas Tire store are now the little shopping complex with parking lot that houses the Papa Murphy’s, a bank, and a running store.

    Anyone know if the Beaumont streetcar line came all the way up to Fremont? I’ve always wondered if that pullout next to the Dutch Village Building (at left in the photo) was for the trolley to lay over in, but in looking at some of the historic trolley maps it seems like maybe the line ended further south at Alameda.

  2. Ahhh, the “old neighborhood.” It’s a shame the view isn’t to the north or east or west. South is the least interesting perspective from that intersection, IMHO.

  3. I used to get off the bus at this intersection on my way to piano lessons at Mrs. Sweet’s house just north of here on 42nd across the street from Beaumont School.

  4. OMG I took piano lessons from Mabel Sweet too! I went to Beaumont Grade School, then crossed over for piano. I remember she had two pianos in her front room and maybe more in the other rooms of her house.

  5. That was her. She also had a cocker spaniel that she kept locked up in the basement because it howled (at least at my piano playing) and also nipped. Did she ever give you a Hersey bar from the drawer in that little round table in the room where she made you wait until it was time for your lesson? I never took one unless she said it was Ok, but that seldom happened. Oh well, she had comic books to read while you waited.

    I went to Fernwood and had to take the bus from 33rd and Broadway. Amazing when you think of it, because I started taking lessons when I was in 2nd grade and rode the bus by myself.

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