N Buchanan & Fessenden, 1930

The building where Leo Fuchs ran his neighborhood store in 1930 is still on the corner of N. Buchanan Avenue and Fessenden Street. It’s now a church but the basic building, including the little attached shed on the back end, is unmistakeable. That’s probably Mr. Fuchs on the right, the barber with the adjoining business on the left, and a customer or neighbor enjoying a sunny Portland afternoon.

(City of Portland Archives)

9 thoughts on “N Buchanan & Fessenden, 1930

  1. It’s a Church of God in Christ now. Perhaps they covered the windows to keep outside distractions to a minimum? That’s a guess.

  2. The Campbell’s soup sign is Porcelain enamel and very desirable to collectors. If you had the barber pole, it’s probably worth a down payment on a house in that neighborhood today. They are quite spectacular when lit up… Great photo, Dan!

  3. On the window behind the Barber, you see the word “Why?” That’s a slogan for MJB coffee. And while some might think it means “Why drink ground up floor sweepings?” It really had something to do with “Why” do the make such great coffee..or something like that, I suppose…The slogan was painted on many buildings in that era, and it shows up often in old photos, mostly in San Francisco.

  4. I used to work with a woman, back in the early 1970s, who wore sleeve protectors every day. They were clear plastic, not dark cloth like Mr. Fuchs’ seem to be. Is he wearing spats?

  5. I think you’re correct, Lynette. I can’t remember if they were still being worn when we were children.
    There was an old woman who had a store on the corner of SE 65th and Reedway. It was very small and she lived above it. She didn’t have paper bags. She had a couple of rolls of brown paper that she would use to wrap purchases. She also had spools of twine that she used to tie the packages. It was like a time piece from the turn of the 20th century.

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