Lents Primary School, 1957

The Lents Primary School looked brand new in 1957 and street crews were painting the crosswalks in preparation for the 1957 school year. The building is currently the Traffic Systems Services Unit (TSSU) of the Oregon Department of Transportation, and looks much as it did 55 years ago. It is just south of Powell on SE 92nd Avenue.

(City of Portland Archives)

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  1. The reason that the ODOT now owns the property is because they acquired it in preparation for building the Mt. Hood Freeway. There was to be a huge I-205/I-80N (MHF) interchange in the area of 92nd and Powell. After freeway construction was halted, ODOT offloaded much of the property they acquired, but the school remained in their possession. and was put to a new use.

  2. On the photo they wrote NE 92nd which is a big screw up. We all know it’s SE 92nd. This photo brings back memories for me. I was about 3-4 years old when this school was built and because we lived on Gladstone St, I could watch them build it from my back yard. Whenever my Dad and I would walk to the store on Powell and about 90th (owned by my Dad’s Cousin, we walked by this school, my Dad would tell me in a couple of years I would go to this school. Of course I never did, we moved to 96th and Holgate and I went to Lent’s Elementary………..

  3. I always thought this school used to be named Barlow. When I went to nearby Binnsmead Middle school in 1973 I had friends that said they went to Barlow on 92nd and that it had closed.

  4. Great article rumblefish, thank you! Read the whole thing and watched the related video. I remember my mother talking about the controversy about putting a freeway up and over Mt. Hood and not understanding the need (she had the facts wrong because of the name). I never fully understood what it was all about.

    I went to Binnsmead in the late 1970s. Looks like I just missed you.

  5. I attended this school but it was called Barlow Elementary. It handled kindergarten through 6th grade. I attended 4th through 6th, after which I attended the actual O.P. Lent Elementary School, which was, and is, located on 97th south of Holgate.

  6. This was Sam Barlow Elementary school in 1963. I went here for 2 years in 63-64. I’m trying desperately to find photos of this entire neighborhood that was destroyed by I-205.

  7. I went to Barlow on 92nd from ’62-’69. It was kindergarten thru 6 th grade. Then went to OP Lent, on to Marshall. We lived on Gladstone. We were the last house left on the street when they moved out the houses for the 205 freeway. It truly was a different time then, really a good childhood and time to grow up. We didn’t have keys to our houses, they were just always unlocked.

  8. Hi Judy, I’d love to talk more with you about this time period if you’d care too. Do you have any photos or images of that time period? I’m currently working on a web project dedicated to this neighborhood.

  9. I do have a few photos and would be willing to get you reprints. It would take awhile, but will keep in touch. Maybe when the weather is better we could walk the neighborhood. Whereabouts did you live?

  10. I lived on 96th and Bush right behind Barlow School. Do you remember the madness of the golf balls from the driving range? They were giving away free go kart rides to anyone who brought back 3 golf balls. I Have more stuff on my website if you’re interested. It’s at:
    http://www.jeffs60s.com. I’m currently trying to reassemble a map of that area, plus any photos would be a tremendous help, thanks!!

  11. I think this was a temporary occupancy. Lent School was built at 97th north of Harold in 1950. It is still in use. There must have been some reason this was called Lent School. I found a cross reference to the name and location in the voting location from a 1957 Oregonian but it was never at this location before or since.

  12. Hi Jeff, I too went to Barlow (’64-’71). I lived on 93rd and S.E. Bush. My house was the last one on the street before the 205 clearing. Almost all my neighborhood razed for
    the 205 freeway. Moved away in 1975. I have a few pictures of Bush St. Tried to send you an email through your cool 60s’ website but it did not go through.

    bob t

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