SW 5th & Madison, 1965

Just a block east of the Congress Hotel photo from last week was this scene at SW 5th Avenue looking north from Madison. The Congress would have abutted the 5th Avenue Hotel seen here, and the Trailways/Airways Rent-a-Car building can be seen in both images. The Portland Building is now on the parking lot to our immediate right here with Multnomah County Courthouse just beyond that.

(City of Portland Archives)

7 thoughts on “SW 5th & Madison, 1965

  1. There’s a real rare Corvair station wagon in the lower right corner of the photo, sitting in the parking lot pointed at the camera. They were only made for 2 years, 1961-62, and only a little more than 33,000 were ever built. I had a black 62 Monza coupe when they first came out.

  2. I’m curious about the tall tower (atop the Courthouse or beyond?) and the blocked in upper windows of the Courthouse’s south facade – when were those removed?

    Re: Dave’s street view post. It’s always so fascinating to see the transformation the Transit Mall, with it’s wide sidewalks and street trees, has had on 5th & 6th.

  3. Brian – if you look at the aerial view (http://goo.gl/lp0jx) you’ll see the “extra” floors atop the courthouse are still there… perhaps less visible these days with the street trees and taller surrounding buildings (I never noticed them before).

    As for the blocked-in windows, I’m going to guess this was where the jail was located before it was moved to its present location (Justice Center?).

  4. Both bus stations are in view here, the Greyhound 1 block north. This view should answer some questions that have come up regarding the inter-city buses from time to time.

    Brian, the tower supported the county’s radio communication antenna in the days before microwave

    I used to catch a trip once in awhile for Trailways, ’64-’68. Airport transfers between Pdx and Setac when fog would shut down one or the other. Never used the station here. Those Trailways Silver Eagles were a sweet sweet ride. Unlike that Corvair station wagon, they were safe at any speed. Had a stewardess to handle the crowd as well.

  5. In the 50’s the main Multnomah County jail facility was at Rocky Butte, but there was/is a a jail facility on the the 7th Floor of the courthouse that is currently only used for day use only. There also was a jail/lock up facility at the old Police Headquarters complex for city municipal offenses.

  6. From wikipedia, about the Public Service Building on the left:

    “Taking advantage of its being the tallest building in town, the utility companies added [[neon sign]]s atop the roof: “POWER”, “HEAT”, “GAS”, and “LIGHT”, each aimed in a cardinal direction. At some point all four sides of this sign said “PACIFIC POWER”.”

    I’m guessing the four differing sides came before “PACIFIC POWER” (visible in the photo shown in this blog entry)?

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