A Typical Residence, c1909

VP fan and past contributor Roxanne has sent in this beautifully rendered but optimistically titled postcard showing a “typical residence” in Portland circa 1909. Roxanne is trying to find the present (but probably past) location of this home. Some websites place this on the Corbett property at SW Park and Main Street but we’ve seen both homes on that block, neither of which match this home. Does anyone have any correct information on this location? Thanks for sending this, Roxanne.

(Roxanne Cummings)

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  1. No access to google street view right now but could this be the house at 1405 Corbett Hill Circle in Dunthorpe. I can’t verify.

  2. I have several postcards showing a lot of the houses on Vista, so far I haven’t been able to match any of them with this house. Hope you guys can figure out where it is. Driving me crazy. I think this is the only old postcard I have that I have not been able to id or pinpoint the house.

  3. @Mike, apparently the Street View car wasn’t allowed on Corbett Hill Circle. 🙂

    Some (all) of those houses… wow.

  4. I’m 99% certain that this is the Henry Jagger Corbett house. It used to be on a lot bounded by Madison and Park. It was replaced by the Masonic Temple.

  5. I have a photo of the Corbett house at 1110 SW Park from 1910 and I don’t think it is the same. It was wood, for one thing, not stone.

  6. Well, Edmund, you are right on. I found another view of the house with more ivy on it and tho’ you cannot see the fancy windows in the middle of the side with the post card, you can see the stone portion of the lower floor and the porch steps, etc. Thank you SO MUCH!

  7. What puzzles me most is…for such a large and classic design, I just can’t believe that we’re looking at the “front” of this house! One would think that more attention would have been paid in creating a more impressive entrance, considering the overall size and design…a larger porch, fancier steps along with some modicum of creative landscaping. I feel as if I’m looking at the “service” entrance. This angle might be part of the problem in trying to discover more about its history and location.

  8. I am pretty sure this is actually not the front entrance. If it is the house Edmund thinks it is (which I am sure it is) then I think I have three other photos, of the same house, including what must have been the front view, which I am sending to Dan as they are in my jpg files and I cannot link them here, hopefully he can post them for me?

  9. PS, I think that “road” or “sidewalk” we see in the bottom of the postcard is the carriage drive to the back of the house.

  10. Roxanne, about your comment regarding a setter or spaniel…I was wondering the same thing! I also thought it might have been a carriage drive…I wonder if they had a carriage house?

    Ahhh…now I feel better…I THOUGHT it was the back! I scoured my books, looking for this house and came up empty handed. My “Classic Houses of Portland, Oregon 1850-1950” has served me very well over the years, so I’ll just copy this photo, make a note and tuck it inside the book…on page 201!

    Funny though, when you think about it…publishing a post card, showing the back of someone’s home and giving it the title of “A Typical Residence”? (Who knows, maybe it was a Friday afternoon and they had a deadline to meet!)

  11. If you look really closely at the right lower side of the postcard, you can see a yellow bldg with windows. Perhaps that was either the neighbor or a carriage house? I don’t think it is a neighbor, because the front view of the house shows a large property and you cannot see neighboring houses.

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