NE Killingsworth & 30th, 1954

Add some color and a few newer cars to this photo and it wouldn’t look much different today. This view west on NE Killingsworth at 30th Avenue has many different signs but the basics are still there.

(City of Portland Archives)

7 thoughts on “NE Killingsworth & 30th, 1954

  1. Wow, I live right near this area and it really hasn’t changed much (other than the business names). This little ‘pocket’ of NE Killingsworth has always intrigued me, because most of the area is residential until you get to the main artery of NE 33rd. Judging by this earlier post on VP , it looks like NE 30th used to be a street car line, which would probably account for this little enclave of commercial buildings in this neighborhood.

  2. My family moved into the area in 1962 and the tavern was still there
    I attended Kennedy Grade School

  3. My second tattoo was done at Blackbird at this location before they moved up to Vancouver. Not a big surprise that it was a tavern at one point.

  4. Dan W.:
    There’s an easy way to get a shorter URL for Google’s maps. If you look on the left side, near the top you’ll see a printer and a chain icon. Click the chain icon (“Link”) and it will show you the URL. Put a check in the Short URL check box (left, top of the new window with the URL) and it will give you a manageable URL.

  5. Is that the mailman hoisting his bag onto his shoulder? I wonder if the vehicle idling to the right is transporting the photographer

  6. Coming in really late to note that NE 30th definitely used to be on the streetcar line, which accounts for the unusual density of businesses in an otherwise residential area. They finally took the old tracks out of the street between Alberta and Killingsworth in the summer of 2010 because they kept coming up through the paving and making for a terribly bumpy ride.

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