NE Broadway & 15th, 1958

This 1958 image shows NE Broadway looking west from 15th Avenue. This was two years before Lloyd Center opened nearby; it probably would have been a primary shopping area at the time.

(City of Portland Archives)

15 thoughts on “NE Broadway & 15th, 1958

  1. Thanks for the photo, Dan. It still looked like that in the ’60’s when I used to walk to Lloyd Center as a kid. My guess is Broadway became one-way when Lloyd Center built.

  2. “The traffic lights were so simple back then!”

    What I recall in the early 60’s was that you couldn’t make a left turn at most intersections with traffic signals. You turned a block before or a block after, but not at light.

  3. This may be a question with an obvious answer, but the sign on the north side of the street “Signals are set for 30 miles”…Does this mean that if one was to stay at a constant speed of 30 mph you can be excepted to coast through all the green lights, or is this simply a speed limit? In modern downtown Portland, I have been told that 12 mph is the ideal speed to proceed smoothly through the lights, traffic permitting

  4. Ian; It actually was possible to make every light maintaining 30mph if traffic was light. I used to do it with heavy trucks in those days. I can’t speak to modern conditions but I can tell you it was possible for sure on NE Broadway as that was our main access to the East from NW for many years. The alternative was to make a couple of hundred gear changes between the Broadway Bridge and Sandy Blvd without the benefit of two transmissions. You get the picture. We got paid by the mile not the hour.

  5. Thanks for the info Rod! I wonder why we don’t have these signs anymore, it seems like traffic would flow a little smoother

  6. I saw Fantasia and Sleeping Beauty in that theater when I was a really little girl. Used to live in area.

  7. I used to be able to drive from the Morrison bridge off ramp of the freeway clear out to 50th without hitting a single red light if I drove the speed of the signs.

  8. In the early 60’s I tasted my first Jolly Rancher green apple kiss, that I bought at the 5 and dime store shown in this picture. Ah good memories.

  9. Really nothing much looks that diferent. turn to the right and youll be at wesminster church…to the left ferrells…seems to me some of the shops were empty on my walk to Lloyd Center…

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