City Incinerator, 1940

Portland built this incinerator facility on N. Columbia Blvd. in 1932. Air quality standards forced its closure in 1970 and the building became the Archives and Records Center for the City of Portland in the 1980s. The Archives and Records Center  has since moved to a beautiful new climate-controlled facility on the Portland State University campus but this building still remains in North Portland. This site is now called Chimney Park although ironically, the chimney was removed in 1990. This view looks west with N. Columbia Blvd. on the right.

(City of Portland Archives)

6 thoughts on “City Incinerator, 1940

  1. And now it’s a great dog park… I had no idea that building was once an incinerator! The orchard across the street is now a junk car place, or some such thing.

  2. This is going off-topic but, could anyone here identify any major businesses at NE Mallory Ave. south of Columbia Blvd.? And why do I ask? TriMet buses used to layover at this intersection from the ’70s-early ’90s, but since it’s a dead end, the buses would’ve had to make a U-turn somewhere down Mallory to make the return trip toward Portland.

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