25 thoughts on “One Million Page Views!

  1. Just found this site a few days ago and just today finished going through every post! Thank you for your work and sharing your passion us!

  2. Vintage Portland is the BEST! I love receiving my daily post, getting a bit of Portland history and wonderful old pictures every weekday.
    BTY- from one old picture recently of a Motorcycle Club in downtown Portland, someone has called my work to inquire about getting a permit for a street closure to try to recreate that picture.

  3. Great job Dan. I’m one of those who loves seeing what is in my in box each morning. You should feel very proud of all that you have created. Jane

  4. Wow, great job Dan! Your site is a topic of conversation daily in my office. Thanks for the fantastic job you are doing!

  5. Congratulations! I always look forward to notifications of a new post on your Vintage Portland site.

  6. Look forward to the daily posts, they are fantastic. Having been born and raised in the Portland-Oregon City area, it’s fun to revisit yesteryear. Here’s an idea: Post pictures of Yaw’s. They are building a new restaurant at 116th and Halsey and opening July 1st.

  7. I love the history of this great country and its a shame we are losing so much of it. The Burgervile in Vancouver for one. Thank you so much for this excellant site.

  8. It takes dedication and diligence and talent to deliver quality posts so consistently. You rock, Dan!

  9. Keep up the great job. I hope you never run out of photo’s! We’ll see you after 2 million! Thanks!

  10. What a wonderful addiction…first thing in the morning…last thing at night! Thank you, thank you and thank you!

    (I must admit tho…I WAS expecting something on Mt. St. Helens this morning, considering that it IS the 18th…but I’ll get over it!)

    Again, thanks and congratulations!

  11. Thanks for having the imagination and will to come up with, implement, and nurture this blog, Dan. You should expect an uptick in traffic after yet another mention of Vintage Portland in yesterday’s Oregonian online edition.



  12. I’ll add to the previous comments. I look at this site everyday and it by far the best one I have come across. I have a huge interest in Portland’s past and comaparing it with today. Keep up the excellent work Dan.

  13. Kudos Dan. You are really setting the pace with this fine site.Thank you for all your efforts.

  14. V P has become a daily addiction for me.
    keep up the great work. It is very appreciated.
    Being a Portland native, I love the nostalgia.

  15. Congratulations! It takes a lot of work to put out good stuff everyday. I enjoy checking out every new post and thanks for doing this.
    Cheers and here’s to the next million>

  16. I love this site, i would like to see more of the Southeast side of town, memories for me are, Bliss Bakery (39th Division) The Big Top (33rd Pl Division). All of Division Street, I see that the old Charlie Browns Bar, is gone now, all being torn down for big block condos that look terrible!

  17. Yeah, Dan. I too have noticed the dearth of photos on this blog. You should do something about that.


    Spam bots can sometimes be unintentionally funny.

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