NE Sandy Blvd at 39th, 1939

A classic shot of the Hollywood District looking east at NE Sandy from 39th Avenue. An interesting perspective on the Hollywood Theater (“Calling Dr. Kildare”) in that both its front and back are visible on either side of the triangular building at 40th and Broadway. Many classic signs in the image too.

(City of Portland Archives)

10 thoughts on “NE Sandy Blvd at 39th, 1939

  1. The view is much nicer without the vacant lot next to the Hollywood Theater. I wonder why that building was demolished.

  2. Jason’s right. The building burned down in a fire in ’96? Maybe ’97. Not sure, but the theatre was almost lost. I remember hearing that just one firewall stood between the burning building and the theatre. Glad we didn’t lose it!

  3. The building burned down in 1997, and the lot remained vacant until just recently when the property owners (with no connection to the theatre) finally settled on something to build there. Also, it’s technically the Hollywood Theatre, spelled in the traditional British style, as you can see if you look at old sign with the arrow on the roof (which was removed long ago).

  4. ok, if that is indeed 40th and Sandy then at somepoint the angle of the street was changed and the building was modified. The angled building in the newer street view is noticeably more accute as is the 40th coming off of Sandy. Could be an optical illusion, but it seems way too different to be completely explained by photography differences.

  5. I know this corner well. I live about 6 blocks north of this in the wonderful Grant Park neighbourhood at NE 39th & Knott. The building next to the Hollywood Theatre wasn’t demolished. It burned down many years ago. A new building is now being constructed on the site and will feature retail units on the ground level with residential condos above.

  6. Great shot! It’s the intersection of Broadway and Sandy, which is also where 40th ave crosses. I wish we still had some of those old signs. They were beautiful!

  7. @Nick: That building is the same one as in the photo above and the angle is the same as it’s defined by its faces being flush with NE Broadway on the right (which is due east-west and on the normal grid) and Sandy on the left (which certainly hasn’t changed angles since the 19th century). It’s just the angle of the camera and possibly the stitching together of the multiple Google Street view images to make a 360 panorama.(though I think it’s mostly just the placement of the camera).

  8. I used to live and work in the triangle building last unit facing the building caught fire from electrical wire at around 6-7am in 1997. I remember like it was yesterday. They did a good job contained the fire from the theater. Channel 2 news interviewed me.

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