Street Widening, 1967 – Mystery Location

A 1967 street widening project caused the six towering trees on the next block in this photo to be felled. Can you identify this location? Extra points if you can name the person on whose property the trees once grew.

(City of Portland Archives)

8 thoughts on “Street Widening, 1967 – Mystery Location

  1. NW Glisan at 16th looking west! The trees are next to the Catholic Churches parking lot, but I am sure there was someone’s house on the lot before that.

  2. My first thought was that the original property owner was George H. Williams, but if that’s the Catholic church parking lot I’m guessing it was actually Richard B. Knapp’s old property.

  3. I want it to be the NW 22nd Pl and Hazel Hall House but that may be just my obsession with Goose Hallow 🙂 What’s the answer?

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