SE 22nd Ave, 1966 – Help Us Out!

Another photo from the City of Portland Archives land use files, this one is apparently somewhere along SE 22nd Avenue, taken September of 1966. Can anyone pinpoint the apartment building and/or the cross-street?

Found: SE 22nd Ave. & Sherman St.

(City of Portland Archives)

10 thoughts on “SE 22nd Ave, 1966 – Help Us Out!

  1. The cross street is SE Sherman. It appears that the building continues to be in good shape. Note that the garage doors are painted red in Google St. View. I’m not sure what the apartment name is though. That’s going to take a little more digging.

  2. I think we got too many hints this time, by saying it is in SE and on 22nd. I knew the building as soon as I saw it, but missed the street by a block.

    The parking in the area is becoming a big problem, unlike in the photo.

  3. I think it is SE Sherman …2 blocks off SE Division…I think it goes Division, Caruthers, Sherman….

  4. Wow…blue street signs still up in ’66. I do remember a blue street sign under the Fremont Br. in NW Portland in about 1979 (NW 16th?) . Wish we would’ve snagged it before PDOT took it down and tossed it.

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