Broadway Bridge Ramp & NW Hoyt, 1959

This is a companion piece to this post from a couple months ago. Move across to the east side of NW Broadway and look north from NW Hoyt Street and this is your view. You would have been standing with your back to the Hoyt Hotel. Union Station is off to the right.

(City of Portland Archives)

5 thoughts on “Broadway Bridge Ramp & NW Hoyt, 1959

  1. “all us fightin’ men go for Nesbitt’s” It’s 1959 and they’re still using WW ll hype to sell their products. Absurd, really. Thanks Dave for posting the modern-day view. I love the fact that the railing appears to be the same.

  2. Peter, that “all us fightin’ men” is probably alluding to the Korean War which ended in 1953, much more relevant than WWII which ended 14 years eariler.

  3. Everytime I see those billboard I am amazed that they were sited everywhere, busy roads, in neighborhoods. Now days they are considered a blight, but they do have a certain charm

  4. You need to remember that most homes didn’t have a TV, I grew up in that neighborhood and not everyone had a TV even in the 60’s. For some families a radio was still a luxury or even a phone or even a Sunday paper. Couch had a lot of students from single parent families and not all the moms got child support. So a billboard would be one way of having a “commercial” in the neighborhood.

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