SE Morrison & 6th, c1884

This tidy row of wood-frame homes was on the southeast corner of SE Morrison and 6th, c1884. The 1889 Sanborn map shows these buildings when street names at the time were N Street and Sixth Street (not Avenue). The rail line down Morrison belonged to the “Willamette Bridge R’l’y Co’s Motor Line.” A block east was a “wooden bridge on piles” that crossed a gulch and pond between Seventh and Tenth Streets. You can see that gulch across the river in this 1879 illustration.

(City of Portland Archives)

9 thoughts on “SE Morrison & 6th, c1884

  1. 128 years ago. Amazing. Seven kids waiting for something. It’s nice to see the girls in long dresses and big sun hats. I bet no one has a tattoo either. I’d go back if I could.

  2. The Mt. Tabor streetcar line was opened in 1888 with steam dummy engines, and converted to electric in 1892. Since the photo shows the tracks, but without overhead trolley wires, I’d guess that it was shot between those years.

  3. Notice how forward thinking they were by ramping the sidewalks on the corners for bicycles, carts, etc! Great photo.

  4. I noticed that the file has the electronic name of 6814 SE Morrison. DO we think that even as an historic address that 6814 would be correct?

  5. The guy on the corner house with the attatched “house” on the side, must be the land owner! Every house below it is uniformed with a fence. Gangs and mafia even way back then lol!. Interesting how much one can gleen fro an old photo.

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