NE Union & Ainsworth, 1937

There was plenty of gas to be found on the corner of NE Union Avenue and Ainsworth Street in 1937. Texaco and Gilmore stations could fill your tank, top up your oil, water and air, provide new tires or service your pre-war vehicle. You can get a Starbucks coffee or Popeye’s chicken here today. This view is southbound on Union.

(City of Portland Archives)

12 thoughts on “NE Union & Ainsworth, 1937

  1. Gilmore was one of the most colorful marketers of gasoline on the west coast. One of their promotions was a traveling circus that would visit the stations- complete with caged lions!

  2. cubilist, how right you are! That one is right in the neighborhood. Funny how sometimes you forget about things right under your nose….I thought I’d read that the Stark street station might be threatened by an expansion of the PGE substation next door.

  3. A Safeway store has been at this intersection since the spring of 1965. They revamped the store in 1989 and in 2002. Until 1989, the Safeway had a typical Marina arch (so named for the Marina Blvd. location that opened in San Francisco, CA back in 1959).

    ~Ben Edge

  4. Right after I moved into the neighborhood in 1992 there were two shootings at that Safeway, so even though we went there all the time, we still called it the “Unsafe-way”.

  5. If you go to the Texaco website you can the various styles of Texaco stations through the years including the what they called the mission style which is what you are referring to. The Moorish style is the best in my opinion.

  6. Remember, it is the Texas Company (Texaco), so the southwestern connection has some legitimacy. Wasn’t there an ad campaign: ‘Texaco, Texaco, all the way to Mexico’? No, wait, that’s a jump-rope jingle.

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