SE Belmont & 25th, 1959

SE Belmont Street at 25th Avenue is a bit leafier today but still looks much the same as it did in 1959. Belmont traffic is one-way eastbound until the intersection at 25th where traffic becomes two-way from that point on.

(City of Portland Archives)

9 thoughts on “SE Belmont & 25th, 1959

  1. I would say the big difference is the parking in the area. The New Apartments or condos, that were built without adequate parking for the size of the project. Just to the west of this photo.

  2. @ Brian, Yep I noticed that too. I was born at what was by then called Portland Adventist Hospital in 1970.

  3. thebeanteam:
    Thanks for the Street View! If you look at the top left of Street View you’ll see a printer icon and a chain icon next to it. Click the chain and it will show you a link to the street view. If you check the box that says “Short URL” you’ll get a much more manageable URL to post to comment sections.

  4. I was just out there shooting some pictures last week:

    This was taken in front of the Fred’s Food:

    Botts' Dots

    This one was taken on the island beneath the “two way” sign, but looking west. It features the house in the foreground on the left.

    25th and Belmont

    A shot of the billboards just beyond the market on the left:


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