SW Front & Sherman, c1930

Pretty sketchy information on this at the University of Oregon Libraries source. The undated photo is supposed to be the “Dr. Chapman house” originally at Front & Market, then Front & Sherman. Sanborn maps confirms this is the southeast corner of Front & Sherman. I’m pretty sure the apartment building in the background on the left edge is the same wavy-floored building shown here; roof details match and Sanborn maps show a 4-story “tenements” building at this location.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

One thought on “SW Front & Sherman, c1930

  1. There is a photo of the Chapman house in its original state/location on page 84 of “Classic Houses of Portland 1850-1950” by Hawkins and Willingham. It is so strange how the wing was moved with the house and then just “plopped” down next to it almost like a separate structure.

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