SW Sheridan & 4th, 1959

The Roma Importing Co. and Delicatessen at SW Sheridan and 4th Avenue was probably a South Portland neighborhood mainstay back in its day. It would soon be demolished as part of the South Auditorium Urban Renewal Area project of the early 1960s. This view is east on Sheridan. The same building and intersection can be seen in this aerial view from 1934.

(City of Portland Archives)

7 thoughts on “SW Sheridan & 4th, 1959

  1. My 1940 Polk Directory mentions “Rome Importing Grocery” located at 930 SW 4th. Owned by Leonard Chiacco. It’s entirely possible that it was a typo on somebody’s part that printed it as “Rome” rather than “Roma”. I’m also betting that Leonard dropped the “O” at some point off the end of his name.

  2. Intresting the sign says “salem freeway” and also “Oswego” I wonder how much of I5 was constructed at this point (and if it was signed under that or US99).

  3. @Chris, I believe at this point there was no I-5 – per Wikipedia:
    “In 1961, the Baldock Freeway (which at the time extended from Eugene to Tigard) was completed to downtown Portland, and signed as Interstate 5 and (temporarily) as U.S. Route 99. ”

    So was this “Salem Freeway” referring to Barbur Blvd/99w? It would be a stretch to call that a freeway. I guess there must have been access to the Baldock/Salem fwy from downtown prior to 1961.

  4. The sign is showing the direction to get to the “Salem Freeway” which at that point started at Tigard. The arrow shows the direction to go (which was along Barbour to Tigard) to get to the freeway, central beaches and Tigard. It certainly does not mean Barbour was a freeway anymore than it means Barbour was a “central beach” (or Tigard, for that matter). 🙂

  5. I remember sometime in 1964-65 getting on I-5 to go to Tigard somewhere just south the Ross Island Bridge on the west side of the river.

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