NW Yeon & Nicolai, 1943

There’s a good chance many of these factory people were working in support of the war effort in 1943. The view is northwest on NW Yeon Avenue at Nicolai Street. The first two buildings on the right are still there; the brick building retains a nice old “Imperial Paints” sign at the top. Nothing on the left side of the street is still there.

(City of Portland Archives)

11 thoughts on “NW Yeon & Nicolai, 1943

  1. Those buildings on the left haven’t been gone all that long. They were torn down in within the last 10 years.

  2. The buildings on the left were the warehouse for US Steel. I don’t recall the exact year they came down, but I picked up steel there in the 60’s when I drove for a carrier that also no longer exists. On the right beyond the brick building was a foundry that belonged to ESCO

  3. Those tracks going off to the left used to go all the way up Nicolai St. up to 27th. Driving along those tracks in a cargo van or other commercial vehicle was a MAJOR pain, there would be potholes and very warped asphalt where it met the tracks. They’ve only removed them in the past couple years, but WOW what a difference it is to drive that street now!

  4. Right. US Steel buildings were torn down and slated for a COSTCO but never built. Down on the right from the brick building was ESCO as as Larry has said. I worked in that building from 1965 until 1971. It was purchased by ESCO and was a brass foundry in the 40’s and 50’s. It is their Plant 3 building and is still there and operating.

  5. Costco couldn’t get the zoning changed. The US Steel Buildings were torn down for the Oregonian’s new printing plant that was cancelled.

  6. I’m hoping some you longstanding Portlanders can help me out. I came across my paternal grandfather’s 1942 draft registration. (He was 63 at the time.) It listed his employer as the US govt. and the employer’s address as 2262 NW Nicholai St. Portland Oregon. I was not aware that he had been a govt. employee, just that he had been a hotel manager (at the Heathman, among others). It does not appear that this location was ever a government building or office. Does anyone know what building or offices were located at this address in the 30’s and 40’s? Thanks.

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