W.M. Killingsworth Home, c1910

Real estate businessman W.M. Killingsworth platted the Walnut Park addition to Portland in 1905. 80 acres were divided into 400 lots and deeds stated only residential buildings would be built. He built this fine home for himself facing N Alberta Street between N Vancouver and Commercial Avenues, and extended north past Sumner Street. Thanks to VP fan Roxanne for suggesting this image.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

10 thoughts on “W.M. Killingsworth Home, c1910

  1. That was the house I was thinking of: used to go by that nearly every day when I was a student at the University of Portland.

  2. Thank you Roxanne! I had only seen an illustration of this place in the hand drawn birds-eye-view map of Portland circa 1890, previously appearing here at VintagePortland.

    Judging from that previous illustration and the picture here, a great deal of gingerbread was removed from this house, to turn it from a Queen Anne style to more of a shingle style abode which was more in vogue toward the end of the Victorian era.

  3. This house was indeed right next door to Jefferson High; actually just east of the school. An outline of the house and property can be found in the Sanford online maps (love my library card!) Portland+1908-1909+vol.+3,+1909,+Sheet+225.pdf
    The house was indeed huge, with 3 and-a-half stories plus a full basement.

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