Olympian Buffet, c1911

The Olympian Buffet, “a lunchroom for men as well as a high-class saloon,” opened in 1906 at 309 Washington street (now between SW 5th & 6th Avenues). The Olympian Buffet would eventually become Kelly’s Olympian (seen here at the same location, same building, in 1939). Just past the Olympian was Meve’s Restaurant at 311 Washington where a full Thanksgiving dinner could be had for $1.00 in 1918. Construction material is for the Holtz building being constructed to the far right. It was renamed the Mead Building in 1931 and still stands on the northwest corner of SW 5th and Washington.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

3 thoughts on “Olympian Buffet, c1911

  1. Jim – The present-day Kelly’s Olympian is not in this location. It moved from the spot pictured here across the street and one block east to its present location. Look at the photo linked in the text; the JC Penny store building (Holtz/Mead Building) is still there on the northwest corner.

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