Campbell Townhouses, 1974

This lovely row of 1893 Queen Anne townhouses sits on NW Irving Street at NW 17th Avenue. The little streetside trees shown here in 1974 have matured into pretty large trees so the townhouses, also known as the Irving Street Brick Rowhouses, can be hard to see. You might get your best view during the winter months.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

11 thoughts on “Campbell Townhouses, 1974

  1. I wonder if those freshly planted trees in ’74 are the same mature trees we can see in Dave’s street view?

  2. How wonderful that this entire Victorian-era block survives almost entirely intact to this day! I would not be at all surprised if those “freshly planted trees” are indeed the mature tree canopy that is there now.

  3. The trees in the 1974 photograph are the same ones that are there today. The houses are considerably cooler in the summer as a result. That is my orange Volkswagen in the picture. I have lived there since 1973.

  4. One of my favorite Portland blocks.

    I moved to Oregon about 20 years ago (to NW Johnson about 2 blocks away). 1600-block Irving was a shady block at that time, it doesn’t *seem* to me those trees have grown as much in the last 2 decades as in their first.

  5. Vic Sabin has owned one of those townhouses for several decades and his nephew and his family live in it now, though Vic long since moved to Eugene. As i recall, Vic had a one-person public service project going, planting many, many street trees in the NW area himself. Chances are good he planted those trees.

  6. Douglas Macy: Woah, cool!

    Is this the first time Vintage Portland has ever had someone’s personal property appear in one of the photos and had a reply from the owner (I haven’t been here long enough to know)?

  7. I live in the Isom White house on Everett and go out of my way to walk or ride past these exquisite townhouses on my outings. Would love to see more photos of them.

  8. Are there any other surviving pre-war rowhouses in all of Portland? Were there other vintage rowhouses that have since been destroyed?

    I notice these houses are technically condos. Were they originally rentals?

  9. Does anyone know the original street numbers of these rowhouses? My grandmother lived at 728 Irving in the early 1900s, and I’d love to know what the place looked like. She lived with her mother, and I suspect they would have preferred a rowhouse or an apartment to a big house for just the two of them. Their name was Hume.

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