Reed College, 1940

Southeast Portland’s Reed College campus is shown looking northeast in this nice 1940 aerial view. SE 28th Avenue and Woodstock Blvd. meet in the lower left corner. Those look like tents to the north of the campus; anyone have any idea what those could be?

(City of Portland Archives)

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  1. From Reed History
    Reed secures a place in the U.S. Army Air Corps Pre-Meteorology program (AMP), bringing 268 men to campus for a year of scientific training, a move that helps provide financial support for the college during the war years.

  2. Could be : from On part of the grounds of Reed College there was a big cherry orchard, and we went over, and my dad would put me at the bottom of the tree. They had ladders in the orchard, and they were pie cherries, and he would climb the ladder with a bucket on a rope, and when he’d fill the bucket he’d hand it down to me and I’d put in it the big peach basket.

  3. I remember being in that orchard as a child in the years 1948-52. By that time the fields north to Steele St. were being used to grow strawberries and raspberries.

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