SW Broadway, 1959

There used to be a one-block diagonal extension of SW Broadway over to 6th Avenue between Lincoln and Grant Streets. This is how it looked in 1959 from Broadway looking southeast. The whole block was known as Coolidge Square, made up of two triangular rhododendron gardens bisected by this street. Most of the south triangle remains today as an island of grass between SW Broadway, Broadway Drive and Grant Street. You can see an aerial view of the street towards the top-right of this previous VP photo.

(City of Portland Archives)

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  1. Just out of view on the right side or west of the Shell service station was ” Jerry’s Gables “. Run by the Slavich family for years it fed many U of O Med School staff, students, interns, etc. Then with the establishment of Portland State College a “new ” group of customers appeared. Following the demise of Jerry Slavich, Sr. the restaurant eventually became known as ” The Shadows” for several years run by a husband & wife team of Bill and Lenora . Both were great places for good food, drink and fellowship and their closings were a loss to the city.

  2. The Sellwood ” Jerry’s Gables ” on S.E. 13th was the same family as the “original ” Westside location on S.W. grant Street. The Slavich brothers ran the Sellwood restaurant with Jerry, Jr. doing the cooking and his brother doing the greeting, waiting, busing, etc. The Grant Street location was in the family for years with I believe Mrs. Slavich living 2 doors West and well into her late 90’s. I know Bill & Lenora, “The Shadows” lessors, took her meals almost nitely during the term of their lease before closing and retiring back to their native Bay Area.

  3. As I recall, the gas station was run by someone named Amato. The old man used to sit in the gas station. And yes, Jerry’s Gable(s?) was just to the right.

  4. The area was altered when the freeway was built in this area. And the historic picture is further down from the exit off the freeway.

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