Willamette River Aerial View, 1963

We’ll end 2011 with a nice aerial view looking north down the Willamette River as it cuts through the heart of Portland. Construction of I-5 has begun through North Portland and the snarl of connecting ramps at the east end of the Morrison Bridge is well underway but demolition of buildings near the Hawthorne Bridge has not yet begun.

(City of Portland Archives)

2 thoughts on “Willamette River Aerial View, 1963

  1. When I was a kid, this was a pretty exciting time to watch as the I-5 freeway being built. I recall our family watching the construction in anticipation of using the new freeway, by-passing all the signals, Grand Av to the Steel Br to Harbor way to Barbur Blvd. Often while we were stuck in a traffic jam on the steel br, Harbor Way or Barbur Blvd.

    Once I-5 opened, our trips across town were a joy.

  2. Looks like they built all the ramps and bridges for I-5 before putting down the main roadway. I’ve never seen as large a construction project as this, so its neat to see the order of events!

    What grabbed my attention right off the bat, though, was: look at all the flat parking lot space at the west end of the Morrison Bridge!

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