N. Fremont & Vancouver, 1937

Wonder Bread has been available to generations of Portlanders as this 1937 advertisement on N. Vancouver Avenue attests. The view is east on Fremont Street.

(City of Portland Archives)

6 thoughts on “N. Fremont & Vancouver, 1937

  1. Howdy Dave…Thanks! I think you’re possibly looking west though with your Google link. Perhaps we’re instead to look East towards Mt. Hood. That or Google maps makes us look West 1st.

    I love Google maps.

  2. The Wonder Bread sign is actually the Wonder Bread Bakery. I worked there in the 60’s There tore it down a few years ago and now the block is home to New Seasons

  3. I worked there from 1987 till 2000, I believe the bakery was turn of the century, still had the old horse stalls in basement. Log Cabin Bakery, as Wonder Bread took over in the thirties.

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