NE 60th & Glisan, 1965

That oddly configured power pole is still on the corner of NE 60th and Glisan Street. Even those super-tall poles farther north on 60th are still there almost half century later. The Lion’s Lair is now the popular Biddy McGraw’s neighborhood Irish pub.

(City of Portland Archives)

8 thoughts on “NE 60th & Glisan, 1965

  1. The driver of that van is certainly curious about the photographer.

    That’s just a couple of blocks from where I live and it’s not much different from that picture. The gas station has been rebuilt, the phone booth is gone, parking has been replaced by a turning lane, the I-84 overpass has been added and some remodeling has been done but other than that it’s the same. Even the weird telephone pole is still there. Thanks so much for the pic!

  2. Some of these drivers may be taking their driver’s license test at the DMV office just out of sight to the left.

  3. I live on 69th and Glisan and nothing much has changed on this corner except the name of the tavern and the gas station and, of course, the cars…

  4. Hmm, it looks like this photo pre-dates “The Speck” which was a Kentucky Fried Chicken (but for some reason called The Speck) that sat about where that house did on the right (or maybe a little before the house)…

  5. Thats a block away from my old house I grew up in at 6011 N.E Davis St, built 1897, we owned the whole corner with a little rental house on it, we were second owners of it from 1907, till dad divided the property and sold the house in 78, that was a major mistake, it was a great house, the walnut tree was planted by my granpa Guy and is still there, dad told me that where the apartments are along there used to be sand dunes and a small pond and there where a bunch of orchards across the street, also went to Mt Tabor school,and at the top of the hill on 60th going South, that little brick building was a school, went to Kindergarten there, Miss Chin was my teacher RIP, The Speck, aka Kentucky fried chicken was on Glisan, go to the light in this pic and make a left and its like the second building,used to play on the big plastic Col Sanders at the door, now I believe a sheet metal shop, and DMV was across the street now apartments, still go to Glisan FM, changed several times, miss Eve’s buffet, went with mom all the time, loved those raisin muffins, will be 50 on 27th of Feb, lots of memories and still miss it. RIP Dad

  6. Takes me back. 78 now but spent a lot of time in that neighborhood. My cousin, Dennis Macky lived just up the street at 5911 Everet st. Took my drivers test at the DMV back in” 58″. Is that crazy telephone pole really still there? In my mind, can still hear the traffic going by my cousins house on Glisan and running over a manhole cover making that familiar clunk clunk sound.

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