SW Broadway & Columbia, 1957

This view looks northeast at SW Broadway with traffic crossing eastbound on Columbia. The Oregonian Building is shown at center and the Hungerford Hotel is now the Regency Apartments. Compare this photo with the same intersection looking south in 1950.


5 thoughts on “SW Broadway & Columbia, 1957

  1. I wonder if there were other Portland photos in that issue of the magazine, or if this was a one-off like their “just one more” feature.

  2. My Dad was the station manager in 1947 or ’48 when this station was opened. There were searchlights, mayor, etc.,etc. at the Grand Opening with gifts , prizes, etc. At the time this was the first all steel prefabricated station in the Northwest and was manufactured by Ray Becker Co, N. Page St. in Albina. This station was the largest Standard or Chevron Service Station in the Northwest District of Standard Oil and quite revolutionary for the Post WWII era.

  3. It’s fun to see the Oregonian building. I work there now, and when I first started back in the 90’s, I heard stories from the ‘old timers’ of back in the day when the whole 3rd floor was the entire Composing department (looks like in the photo you can see a glimpse of the overhead lights hanging down before they lowered the ceilings). Overall, the outside of the building hasn’t changed!

    Regarding the service station: I still wish it was there. I used to get gas there all the time when it was the Chevron.

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