Willamette Views, 1975

VP fan John Hamnett was working on the 38th floor of the First National Bank Tower (now Wells Fargo Tower) in 1975 when he took these photos centered on the Willamette River looking northeast and east. Harbor Drive had only recently been removed and Waterfront Park was not yet complete. The World Trade Center construction was just getting underway. Thanks, John!

(John Hamnett)

7 thoughts on “Willamette Views, 1975

  1. Anyway to get the close-ups on these? The nerd in me noticed that the some of the street lights from Harbor Drive appear to still be in place. Great photos

  2. wish i had a camera in 1970’s when i was recovering from knee surgery in an upper floor room of lovejoy hospital and watching the new fremont bridge being built.

  3. Ah…the beautiful ramp stubs to the (sniff, sniff, bawl) Mt. Hood Freeway. Oh, how many people DO miss the never built freeway.

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