NW Lovejoy & 14th, 1952

Once upon a time NW Lovejoy Street was elevated, from NW 14th Avenue to the Broadway Bridge. This view looks east at 14th where the ramp took drivers over the (now gone) railroad tracks. That overhead portion was removed in the late 1990s and now the ramp to the bridge begins at 9th Avenue.

(City of Portland Archives)

9 thoughts on “NW Lovejoy & 14th, 1952

  1. How many of you out there remember the motorcycle cop who used to sit at the top of the ramp in a little wooden shack and change the traffic lights during rush hour ?? He would look East towards the Broadway Bridge and then switch the light for traffic coming off going South or going East from Lovejoy ramp. Another Lovejoy ramp “attraction ” were the wall paintings on the support pillars done by a railroad worker. Last I knew they were being “preserved ” for some future location but that was years ago and doubt if anything was ever done with them.

  2. Bud – The Lovejoy Columns are on the corner of NW Flanders and 10th. There is a plaque there that explains the history and that they were to be preserved, but at this point the actual columns are covered by printed reproductions of the original art. Here is the Google street view, where you can see the columns in front of Judith Arnell Jewelers:


  3. The Office Max that is on that corner now has the same angled corner. Renovated building or new building with similar design?

  4. Chris, I wondered the same thing. But a quick bit of research shows that the building there now dates to 1978. Not sure why they made the new building look so much like the old building. This is decades before the viaduct came down, and even longer before the Pearl came into fruition, so I doubt there were any thoughts of “preserving the industrial look” of the area. I’d expect a new building in an industrial area to look more like a utilitarian warehouse, and not look at all like a building that was there before.

    Maybe if you renovate more than a certain percentage of a building you can claim it as built in the year of renovation? I doubt it but that’s the only other thing I can think of.


  5. Dan, Thanks for posting the picture of the intersection at NW Lovejoy & 14th. All of us at Portland Bolt (now in the NW Industrial area) are truly proud to see a glimpse of our roots. Next year we will be celebrating 100 years of manufacturing product right here in the great city of Portland. Our company has come a long way over the many years. All of it has been done by a combination of the hard work of our past & present employees, as well as the many customers who have let us participate in their projects. Thanks again from everyone here at Portland Bolt & Mfg.

  6. Boy I had forgotten about the “cop in the box” even though we would wave at him as we passed by, and I do miss that old Lovejoy ramp… I walked it enough times, & under it & around it. I had forgot about the pull fireboxes also, although there would be one every for or five blocks at one time. Us kids all knew how much trouble you’d get into if you pulled it for fun. We used ti have one on our corner – they were good because not everyone had a phone, & most folks did have party lines… They were faster then dialing for help.

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