SW 3rd & Salmon, 1993

The “Just Us” restaurant and tavern, in this small building at SW 3rd & Salmon, was probably a hangout for the area’s legal professionals before this block was torn down for the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse. It was flanked by the Geneva Hotel and Hamilton Hotel. This view is to the southeast.

(Library of Congress)

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  1. I remember driving past here in the Hot Lips delivery truck quite regularly in the summer of 1993. Always on the creepier end for the uninitiated. Maybe it was the check cashing place and the little convenience store frequented by the older/smellier/dirtier crowd that gave that impression.

  2. To the left, you can see just a sliver of the building that currently houses the Lotus.

    After an appointment yesterday, I decided to walk back to my workplace along third avenue in order to check out the Occupy Portland encampment. Just down the street there is an empty lot on the northeast corner of Third and Taylor. I can’t remember what used to be there, but there is an interesting grouping of “ghost buildings” that remain.


  3. I remember “Just Us”, at least I think I do. As I recall the restaurant was downstairs.

    I can’t quite remember what was at Third and Taylor either, but somewhere in that area was the place where you went if you got drafted into the Army back in the ’60’s (Dec 6, 1966 to be exact).

  4. The awning on the corner of SW 2nd and Salmon, to the far left of the picture, can still be read: Endgames. Endgames was a great game store, that sold everything from chess, checkers, cards and board games like Monopoly and Scrabble, to role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons. I worked for them from 1986 until 1992, when they closed up. There was a whole chain of them: Eugene, Medford, Clackamas Town Center, Washington Square, and the downtown location.

    When I worked at the downtown store, I remember quite clearly seeing folks standing on the sidewalk, whistling or calling up to the hotel rooms upstairs, and then tossing up small bundles and receiving small bundles tossed down. I wonder what that was all about? 🙂 (Note: I do not actually wonder what that was all about)

    If the picture is 1993, then the store is gone but the awning remained.

  5. Jim… If I remember correctly the building on the
    corner of third and Taylor was a very plain looking
    wooden building that housed a porno shop.

  6. I note the picture is from the Historic American Buildings Survey,and is labeled as the Venable Hotel. Is this an earlier name for one of the flanking buildings (the Geneva Hotel and the Hamilton Hotel), or is the two-story building the Venable Hotel? Only the marquee hints that this is actually an old building. Is there more information on the Venable Hotel?

  7. @Roxanne–OBAK was a cigarette that apparently contained baseball cards for minor league players. You can just barely make out the words “mouthpiece cigarette” under the word OBAK and to the left of that their slogan, “They Please”.

  8. That little building in the center of the photo was owned by Ted Hallock, I believe. He was a State Senator and political power in the 1970s. I spent a lot of time there in 1972 because it was the campaign headquarters for former Sen. Wayne Morse, who was attempting a comeback against Mark Hatfield after being beaten by Bob Packwood in 1968.

    At that time, and for the entire decade, that corner was the heart of the hooker stroll in downtown Portland. After dark, it was a pretty wild place and the Lotus was a totally different kind of joint than it is now.

  9. looks like some nice buildings built in the early 1900s all modern buildings just suck !!!!
    they have no class !!

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