SW 4th & Lincoln, 1965

This area around the PSU campus has grown up quite a bit since the mid-60s, especially east of 4th Avenue (which was part of the South Auditorium Urban Renewal District), but it’s still pretty recognizeable today. This view is north on 4th at Lincoln.

(City of Portland Archives)

8 thoughts on “SW 4th & Lincoln, 1965

  1. Henry Mosler’s Bakery on the left beside the Safeway store was the best Jewish bakery in Portland !! His Russian rye was a legend in itself with loaves weighing in pounds, not ounces !! Then there were the bagels which have only grown better in memory compared to today’s versions !!! Mosler had no sons to whom he could pass his recipes and so his passing ended the best traditional Jewish bakery in Portland. Others tried to copy and imitate his recipes with bakeries first in the Yamhill St. Market and later in Hillsdale but never could duplicate ” Ol Mosler’s ” baking. I recall he lived and baked well into his 90’s and was always a friend to starving P.S.C. students with a free day-old bagel readily available as an “extra ” with the fresh one. The original Mrs. Neushin’s Kosher pickle works, in her basement yet !!, was just up the street with brining barrels sitting on the sidewalk and in her driveway. Great old neighborhood in the 1950’s and early 1960’s.

  2. I remember when they built the Ramada Inn @ 310 SW Lincoln…and some people wondered why the guy from Seattle built it so “far” out of town! There was the Center 4 Lounge, that damned waterbed room (149) that was a pain in the a$$ to sell…the front desk, originally on the right side as one entered the main lobby and the gift shop…on the left. Anyone remember the Red Ford Ranch Wagon they used for their hourly airport and airport Rodeway Inn runs?

    And Bud, you’re soooo right! Mosler’s bagels…now THAT was a bagel…a REAL bagel…not like those imitation things people are trying to push today! And Mrs. Neushin’s Kosher pickles! Was there any other!

  3. The Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail (Orange Line) will travel right across this intersection. On the left side it will connect with PSU/Transit Mall, and on the right it heads to the new bridge being built.

  4. Wow! I had entirely forgotten about a Safeway being there. Later on, in the 70’s they had a terrible shoplifter and wino problem and actually had their own security.

  5. My grandmother lived on the same block, on 5th. We would walk around the corner to the Safeway and loved the smell of Mrs. Neushin’s pickles as we went to the Safeway. And for Moslers, think if it this way. It has been almost 50 years and people are still raving about it. I have a picture of him, I need to photograph and put up somewhere.

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