W Burnside & NW 16th, 1917

The northeast corner of West Burnside and NW 16th Avenue housed a number of neighborhood businesses in 1917; news/magazine stand, barber shop, second-hand furniture, art, antiques, and a garage.

(City of Portland Archives)

2 thoughts on “W Burnside & NW 16th, 1917

  1. It’s interesting to see the cars parked the way they are. (Interesting that you could even park on Burnside!) The building behind the cars is a Saxon auto dealership. I believe Saxon got swallowed up in the formation of General Motors around that time.

  2. The block got shortened and the buildings got replaced, but the street light is in the same position and the magazine store is now a mini-mart were I’ll bet you can still buy magazine to this day. Interestingly, on the northwest corner is an Enterprise car rental keeping the car theme going as well. http://g.co/maps/nh623

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