Oregon Journal Building, c1948

A rare close-up aerial view of the Oregon Journal Building along Portland’s west side waterfront showing rooftop parking. This photo is from Bud Holland who remembers activities sponsored by the newspaper under the “Oregon Journal Juniors” or “OJJ” clubs. These included hobbies such as the “OJJ Stamp Club” and the “OJJ Camera Club,” which all had meetings in this building. Note the long-gone shipping terminal on the east bank between the old Morrison Bridge and the Burnside Bridge.

(Bud Holland)

9 thoughts on “Oregon Journal Building, c1948

  1. In the early 1950s I was a Journal Junior baton twirler, but our lessons were in a building on the east side and farther from the river. Does anyone known where that building was?

  2. Just north of the east side of the bridge you’ll see a barge and if you look very closely you might see a crane with a bucket. Flat barges of sand were delivered here and the sand was picked up by the crane and dumped into a large hopper. I was just a little kid then and it was fascinating to watch the crane in action.

  3. I love the looks of this building. I take it that AM 1330 KPOJ had its studios there, along with the Oregon Journal staff and printing press. Doug Baker was a superb columnist for the witty afternoon newspaper. All colorful remnants of Portland’s history.

  4. In the 30’s the OJJ stamp club & camera club met at the downtown Oregon Journal Bldg. On Saturdays the Club met in the Auditorium at 3rd and Clay to see movies and other entertainment. We all sang ” We are Journal Juniors” to the tune of “Hail Hail The Gangs All Here”

  5. Another program on KPOJ, airing every Saturday morning, was “Stars of Tomorrow,” hosted by Ned Day and sponsored by Star Furniture Company. It was a showcase for local talent and my sister sang on the show many times.

  6. I can’t quite make out the number, but that looks like a Liberty Ship to me. If the number is 824 like I think, it’s the SS Peregrine White.

    She was built in Portland… Maine unfortunately.

    Can anyone identify the ship on the west side nearest the building? It seems that it’s in almost every photo of this building I’ve seen.

  7. Sorry the building was not retained as a parking garage, the Waterfront Park would still have space on the river/east side.

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