East End Burnside Bridge, 1939

This nice aerial view looks east over the east end of the Burnside Bridge in 1939. While once having quite a few single family homes, the area is now almost exclusively industrial with very few homes left.

(City of Portland Archives)

4 thoughts on “East End Burnside Bridge, 1939

  1. I’m a bit surprised how many buildings I recognize in this photo though. I live just up Sandy from here, so I go through here quite often on my bike, and much of the area looks pretty familiar still – though it is a little weird having the area around Benson HS so empty.

    Part of the outer wall of that brick building on 7th and Flanders is still there. So are the “Powers” building, and the Paper building that is now Towne Storage. That brick building with the painted ads on 6th and Ash, as well as the one on 6th and Couch. Of course, all the buildings along Burnside with the overhang over the sidewalk. That apartment building on Davis on the west side of Union. Those couple of houses at 6th and Couch were just torn down recently, and new construction is going in.

    Great photo, thanks for posting it!

  2. In the lower left there appear to be some of the shanty
    towns that were constructed in Sullivan’s Gulch during the depression.

  3. The bldg just N of the spired church is still there tho’ the church is now a parking lot. And the bldg a block farther east is still there as well. And the church kitty corner to the SE is still there as well tho’ all 4 towers are gone. I went to Washington HS (upper right corner) for a couple of years as did my parents before me. It originally was called, I believe, East Portland HS.There used to be a bakery just east of 14th and Stark that drove us crazy while we were sitting in class, smelling the fresh baking.

  4. I sense a conspiracy, Roxanne. Benson High School is in the upper left corner of the photograph and the Franz Bakery is (or at the time of this photo _will be_) across the street from it.

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