SE Holgate & 17th, 1962

The Semaphore Restaurant is still on the corner of SE Holgate at 17th almost 50 years later, but you’ll not find gas for 24.9 cents a gallon at the Texaco station across the street any more. This 1962 view is east on Holgate.

(City of Portland Archives)

10 thoughts on “SE Holgate & 17th, 1962

  1. Actually The Semaphore Restaurant closed last month and the west side of 17th is going to be cleared for MAD MAX Light Rail. My Dad and I went to breakfast at The Semaphore Restaurant and it turned out to be there last day of business. It’s the end of an era for me, I worked at the Texaco station in 1969 after I got out of high school and several times a week I ate lunch at The Semaphore Restaurant. The Texaco was owned by Jack Smoke’s 24 hr Auto Repair next door…………

  2. Fred – It’s possible. This photo was originally captioned with “Columbus Day Storm Damage” which would put it in October. The 1963 model year cars were probably out by October 1962.

  3. The Semaphore , advertised as open 365 Days A Year – 24 Hours A Day, but was closed every Christmas !!! Notice over the top of the Rose City Transit bus headed N. on 17th is a sign ” Diner ” . This was another all-night spot called ” The Brooklyn Diner “. Both places were frequented by Brooklyn Yards railroaders, Rose City Transit drivers, etc. The old brick streetcar barns were on the East side of 17th just North of this intersection . On the opposite corner ( S.E. ) was the Crawford & Doherty Foundry which had burned down earlier in a spectacular window shattering explosion, followed by a huge conflagration on the wooden structure.

  4. I recently moved from the Brooklyn Neighborhood, and this area was literally in my back yard. Things have changed quite a bit since this picture was taken. Whereas the Brooklyn Yard used to employ hundreds of peope, automation now lets them operate the same property with just a few workers. The ever declining number of rail empIoyees has made it increasingly tough on the surrounding retail businesses to hang on. I had fogotten about Smoke’s Auto Repair. Baha Auto Body is using this space now and is a great place to get work done. The Mini-Storage across the street may look like a Public Storage, but it is actually locally owned and operated.

  5. Fred, hard to tell without being able to see the trims on the quarter panels. The 62s had 3 teardrop shaped chrome trimmers set below the ridge of the fin otherwise, I think they were VERY similar cars. But Dan Davis hits it on the head..could be either because of model year releases etc. But GOOD eye!

  6. My dad and I went to the Semaphore for dinner once in the early 90’s. A cockroach walked across the table before our chicken strips arrived, had to get up and leave before I blew chunks. Still joke about that roach when we venture through that neighborhood.

  7. Ah…my home ‘hood! I was less than one month old. And, what ’63 Fairlane? I see a ’60 Galaxie merging in from the right lane. Those are ’60 taillights and fin(lets) that go with a ’60 Galaxie.

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