SW 2nd & Yamhill, 1939

A few of the buildings seen here are still standing today but the scene is vastly different now. Among those still with us, the Willamette Block in front foreground and the Centennial Block (Gevurtz Furniture on the left, now Rock Bottom Brewery) have both been beautifully restored. This view north on 2nd has some great signage lining the street. A previous photo looks toward our camera position here from several blocks north.

(City of Portland Archives)

7 thoughts on “SW 2nd & Yamhill, 1939

  1. I worked at the corner of 2nd & Morrison at ComputerLand back in the 90’s. It was converted to the Rock Bottom Brewery years later. There were some really neat tunnels in the basement of the historic building. Almost creepy! I’ve read over the years of the many secret tunnels down in this area back in days. It was quite a sight to see the old trolley cars heading up Morrison on the Max rails.

  2. I agree. It looks like it could be a street scene from a bigger city. I love the signs, especially the Rose City Candy Shop. I noticed the tracks in the street- one set goes nowhere. Just an old track cut off?

  3. It’s interesting that the rails in the northbound lane are designed to run both narrow-gauge and standard-gauge trains, with the left rail shared between the two. There must have been overlapping rail/trolley lines here.

  4. Wild! I went to U of O’s Portland Center when it was in the Willamette Block. Many a night at that MAX stop I wondered what the intersection looked like. This is a real treat!

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