SW 6th & Morrison, 1953

It could be holiday shoppers crowding the sidewalk outside the Meier & Frank building in 1953. The photo was taken from the top deck of the new parking lot that replaced the Portland Hotel (and was then replaced by Pioneer Courthouse Square). A block down 6th, the 1926 Bedell Building (now Cascade Building) seems to have a lovely two-story arched entrance that is no longer there.

(City of Portland Archives)

6 thoughts on “SW 6th & Morrison, 1953

  1. Looks like a rare mild sunny day for a Portland winter. Life must have seemed pretty good to those holiday shoppers back then. I see those weird angled lines on the crosswalks again….Anyone figure out what they were for?

  2. There were some really good cookies (!) for sale just inside that 6th/Morrison entrance to Meier & Frank. I used to run in and grab 2 choc chip cookies for my Tri-Met ride home on the #53 into NW Portland back in the 80’s. That was back in the days when the buses ran up Morrison Street. Darn convenient to have a cookie shop right at my bus stop.

    There was a great cookie shop up at the top floor of the Galleria also. I somehow knew where the good bakers were in downtown! Oh..one at the Metro on Broadway too. Darn!

  3. Mike Slama, I posted on the earlier photo (in agreement with an earlier comment) that I think the lines were probably to divide opposite flows of pedestrians at busy intersections. I mentioned a couple photos where you could see small arrows in the crosswalk that appear to direct pedestrians and this is one of those photos.

    If you look just behind the car in the far left lane (on 6th) you can see an arrow pointing to the right (east along Morrison) and if you look just in front of the car in the far right lane there is another small arrow pointing the other way (west along Morrison). There are also arrows visible pointing north along 6th (center-left, faded) and across Morrison pointing east. The arrows are all on the “wide” side of the diagonal (which makes sense as people would tend to line up on the curb waiting for the light) and seem to be there to remind pedestrians which side of the line to walk on.

  4. Anyone else remember the wonderful Christmas windows at Meier and Frank? Used to LOVE going to see those each year. They had them on (I think) 3 sides of the store and they were incredibly elaborate and were mechanically animated so that everything flew, twirled, open and closed, waved, drummed, danced, etc. etc. etc. Marvelous.
    I love how all the men in sight are in suits and wearing a hat. I am not, personally, a suit fan, but you have to admit they looked prosperous.

  5. It could be holiday shoppers but notice the kid in the short sleeve shirt at the bottom in the middle? The awning over the door way on the Meyer & Frank building is still there on the Morrison side but the one on 6th has been removed (along with the entrance). The fire escapes have also been removed. Notice the lack of trees? The buildings have changes made to them but they’re all still standing. Even the lamp posts are still in their original positions for the most part. http://g.co/maps/jbef

  6. And several of the windows on the upper floors of Meier and Frank are open, also, note the bright sun/shadows. Seems unlikely this was winter time anyway.

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