SE 12th at Burnside & Sandy, 1963

Then as now, traffic seems to be going in all directions as we look south on 12th. E Burnside crosses in the foreground while Sandy angles off to the right.

(City of Portland Archives)

8 thoughts on “SE 12th at Burnside & Sandy, 1963

  1. I would have pitied the poor out of town driver that stumbled onto this intersection back then. I have to admit, while I was skeptical at first, I am getting used to, and somewhat liking the new configuration of this intersection.

  2. You definitely don’t have to wait as long for a green light on some legs of the new intersection. Plus you can make some turns you couldn’t before – left from NB Sandy to NB 12th for instance.

  3. Well, let me be the first to ask the question,
    what is that odd wrapped object in the foreground?

    I remember riding the electric buses in Portland,
    and the crackling sparks that flew off the connection.

  4. Michael,

    My guesses are…an early dash-cam? A lost Parade Major’s baton? E.T.? The epoxy-affixed hula dancer dashboard bobble that the driver’s wife made him cover up?

    Anybody else have any guesses?

  5. This has never been a great intersection, and I went thru’ it for the first time the other day to make that eb to nb turn and had trouble figuring out where I was supposed to go and what light I was supposed to obey, so it really hasn’t improved much…..
    I assume the object is attached to whatever the photographer was in (I think it looks like the handle of a little red wagon), but other than that, I have no intelligent guesses. Was there any kind of pedestrian island there then?

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