Fremont Bridge Construction, 1973

The Fremont Bridge is currently undergoing a repaving project on the top deck. For the first time since this photo was taken in 1973, the epoxy asphalt concrete base layer is being replaced. This view is to the northeast.

(City of Portland Archives)

13 thoughts on “Fremont Bridge Construction, 1973

  1. How many of you walked across the bridge the weekend before it opened for traffic? It was a beautiful sunny day and offered a new view of the city.

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    Notice that the clouds are covering Mt. St. Helens right where she lost her top? My wife says she remembers setting her mom’s hospital room at Bess Kaiser watching them float the arch down the river and raise it up into place. She also remembers the party on the bridge.

    New Street View feature, short URL (there’s a check box for it about the URL box in the top right corner).

  3. They had a party up there the day or so previous to opening. I remember being up there and they had food, music, etc. Can’t beat the view from up there.

  4. Actually, this photo was taken in 1973 as the photo caption says. The father of my best friend from High School worked on this bridge as a construction foreman.

  5. Two stories about that bridge. #!, friend of mine and her boyfriend were at the Thunderbird restaurant (one of which used to be upriver from the Fremont Bridge) and were watching them lift the center span into place. She kept saying, “Look, it’s moving!”, he kept saying, “No, it isn’t!” (it was moving VERY slowly) and finally he says, “If that is moving I’ll marry you!” It was, he did…LOL.
    #I2, I have some great pictures of downtown taken from the bridge at night. Went on a ride-a-long with the police dept and at 4 a.m. we went up on the bridge and I was able to set up a camera and a tripod and get some great photos. And the bridge vibrates very disturbingly when a truck goes across it, I might add. If you could feel the vibrations in your car, you would never drive across it again!

  6. Those were added later. It was originally built just like the Marquam, which had a ramp to nowhere anticipating the Powell Blved east side freeway which was never built. I don’t recall just off hand how long it took to get the other ramp functional on the Fremont.

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